NEW WORK FROM 2020-2021


2020 tested us in unimaginable ways. A global pandemic, unbridled racism and violence, and the most chaotic and surreal election year in American history; these are just few examples of the challenges we continue to endure. Paradoxically, I have had the good fortune and the unexpected gift of time to shelter in our apartment in my studio and work to make sense of all of this by way of painting.

My paintings continue to reflect intuitive colors, organic shapes, descriptive lines, and the rising, and falling, and rising again of my emotions.
Most of the paintings presented here are made on cradled wood panels. Most of the earlier paintings have fine volcanic pumice or crushed beach charcoal added to my acrylic media. The painting entitled Perilous was made with melting oil bars shortly after the murder of George Floyd.

This new body of work has been further influenced by my dream of living by the ocean, in Truro and Provincetown specifically. The dunes appear over and over. During the summer, the intense heat and bright colors flooded my senses. Changes appeared in autumn and soon the gray, brooding winter skies, shorter days and mysterious moonlight brought a different color sense.

Atmospheric, harbor side colors and childhood memories of mid century style remain a constant source of inspiration. Recently, I've immersed myself in obscure late 60's and 70's rock and jazz as well as old TV shows, specifically Columbo and Hawaii 5-0!

I am forever grateful to my kind and supportive husband Jim, our beautiful, multitalented son James, our entire ever loving family, and our incredible, supportive friends.

Contact me anytime. I'd love to connect with you.

Suzanne Archibald



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